Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. Please call or email us if you have any questions or have an event that needs special considerations.

What amenities are included when booking this venue?

140 stackable chairs; 18 music stands; grand piano; beds/cots for 20 people, 7 sets of twin sheets and 13 pillows; tables and tablecloths to seat 42 people, white dishware— enough for 40 people, 24 perfectly matched sets; kitchen; 4 bathrooms (3 showers). Audio Mixer with 16 inputs, PA speakers. Wireless internet (WiFi).

How much parking is there?

There is space enough to park 40-50 cars.

Can I book an appointment to view the venue?

Yes, we can meet you there and make arrangements for you to take a tour.


What's included with use of the kitchen?


40 sets of white dishes, 24 sets are perfectly matched

Utensils- enough for 40 people

8 Sterno banquet baskets

2 Beverage pitchers 3 gals @
2 Large water coolers 5 gal @

Table cloth linens
Paper towels
Coffee maker
Dish Soap
Brooms/ cleaning supplies

What is your policy if I plan to serve alcohol?

If you plan to serve wine or champagne the cleaning deposit will be increased by $300; if there will be a full bar a security person will be required in addition to the additional $300 cleaning deposit. The appointed security person will need to be approved by the property manager. No illegal substances, firearms, indoor smoking, or pets are allowed.

Can I book an ongoing appointment?

Absolutely! Monday-Friday during the day 7-5, individual rooms can be rented on an ongoing bases.

 The entire facility is often rented on the weekends for special events and overnight workshops, so be aware there will be times on the weekend you will not have access to your room.

What is the cancelation policy?

Ongoing contracts can be cancelled with 30 days notice. Deposit will then be refunded.
special event cancellations will forfeit the 10% deposit up to 30 days before the event.
A 50% refund up to 14 days before the event. And a 20% deposit in the 7 days before the event. No subletting is allowed unless the property owners approve.

How can I make sure to get my cleaning/key deposit back?

Leave the structure clean with no damage. Replace any moved items, (e.g furniture,chairs, tables, etc.) into their original positions. Gather used linens and place in laundry baskets.

Can I leave my things in the room I use during the week?

During the week it's best to bring things and take them with you, as there may be others using the room. We can make special arrangements to lock things into a cupboard or filing cabinet for people using a particular room on an ongoing basis.

How many people can sleep here at once?

We have 12 beds and 8 cots, enough to sleep 20 people; there is plenty of floor space to sleep several more people depending on your event; please call to discuss details.

Do I need to bring my own bed linens?

We’ll provide 7 sets of twin sheets and 13 pillows, please bring additional bed linens or sleeping bags should you need to use more than 7 of the beds.

What audio equipment is available?

We provide two mics and a mixer that has inputs for up to 16 mics and other devices; there are two nice PA speakers hanging above the sanctuary. Please call to dicuss your events specific needs!

What is the Solstice Strings Ensemble?

This trio is made up of the employees at Austin strings. The three musicians play cello, violin, viola and guitar which adds an extra variation in arrangements available. We also arrange special numbers for events.

How do I book the Solstice Strings Ensemble for my event?

Solstice strings can be booked by calling Austin Strings violin shop at 512.918.1863.


-What is your policy on illegal substances, firearms, indoor smoking, or pets?

No illegal substances, firearms, indoor smoking, or pets are allowed. 

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